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give unto me your troubles
June 23, 2003
  Bah. Need to clear this page out. Will work on that when more important matters are dealt with. Like, the new layout. *wink*
it's mine, mine all mine...
August 22, 2002
Flowing still worked on... I'm lazy, I know. Anywayyyyyy... Today is Tori Amos's birthday. Request her songs on the radio, okay? Good. Anyway, updated the HAQ, and I'm slowly trying to get the further inspiration needed to update. Got ideas? Email 'em to me and I'll see what I can do. ^______^
but i waited
July 4, 2002
The site should flow more smoothly. Almost finished with that aspect, but the rest will have to wait until tomorrow. Fireworks and BBQ, here I come. :D
but I'm not made of steel...
July 3/4, 2002
Still working behind the scenes. Finally finishing what I meant to do months ago, which was make the site flow a lot more than it had been. Weeding out links for the rest of the night, and then I'm off to enjoy my 4th of July. ^___^ Oh, if you like Charmed or Holly Marie Combs, please stop by The Holly Revolution, a site I co-run with a friend. ^______^
hold me closer, tiny dancer
July 1, 2002
Birthday celebration will commence shortly... My birthday approaches and this year we party on the same schedule. ^_____^ Behind the scenes stuff has been done.
I'll go wherever you will go
May 27, 2002:
Coming up really fast on our anniversary, aren't we? ^___^ Anyway, mostly superficial tweaking of the site. Ugly banners have been replaced/upgraded. I really like this pink layout, which means we probably won't get a new layout for the birthday bash. That's okay. This isn't going to be a BIG birthday celebration, though, you know, if you want to make it a gala event, please go right ahead. ^____^ Send requests this way!
I can't seem to make myself forget...
May 25, 2002
Happy Birthday to my Mother. ^___^ Anyway, I'm just tweaking links. I know, I promised to update some more, but um... I'm a slacker. And no one's been poking me with the stick of "Get your butt in gear, witch!" so... I've been writing. Which is good for me, bad for Lov. Our Birthday is coming up soon though...
falling through the sky
April 8, 2002
Hrmm, you'd never know that I've been updating a little from this page, would you? Phooey. Anyway, Tripod has laid down the law. Either ante up some cash, or cut the site under 20MB. They pay their own bills, so they can tick me off all they like. We play by their rules until I'm rich. -_-; Updates are being done in order to cut the site in size, so things are being moved. Fear not! Hopefully by the end of the month all will be pretty and cleaned. If you find a glaring eye sore, let me know, okay? Good.
a fool of love
December 31, 2001
Okay, how in the fuzzy did I forget to link La Di Da? I mean... there's the fact that it's the sort of place I look ages for, was dropped in my lap, and actually links LoV. *is thwacked by the cat* It's linked now, btw. For those confused, fuzzy is my new catch all swear word, and actually has been for a little while. Behold my apparent cuteness! Muhahaha... Anyway, the terribly observant of you lot will realize I am updating the links. You all get gold stars.
come what may...
December 29, 2001
After a very small update [a superficial green layout], I've put out the New Year layout. Tweaking to make it all look purdy. I obviously updated the main page. Isn't it all pretty? Seriously, tell me what you think about it, okay? ^^ Gave the past layout section a face lift and pretty much little things like that will happen all over the site. Find a broken link that won't fix itself, let me know. Links to be updated as well as other things. Work with me people!

deep enough
November 12, 2001
Added a new gallery to the manga section. Rejoice! For I do. Rejoice! Anyway, a new layout coming sooner or later. Don't expect too much until my muse comes to visit. ^_~
You torch one building...
October 31, 2001
Happy Halloween! Other than being overjoyed that it's Halloween, I've only added a new fanart piece. Sorry the updates are so sparse.. Hopefully Minako had a great birthday too.
We can live beside the ocean
October 11, 2001
Look Out Venus has been updated to reflect the season. Namely the Halloween season. A small birthday.. thing for Minako may be announced and done, and it may not, depending on my level of creativity and ideas. I hope you like the new look. *bow*
I love you, but not forever
September 27, 2001
There's new fan art to be found, and the SMPC5 are under way. Go vote for your favorite sites, and if you're unsure after you've perused all the pretty ones... Trust me and vote for Crescent Light. [no, she isn't paying me, and I have nothing against the other sites!] I figure she needs some support and darnit, I shall give it! Freely! *giggle* New layout coming to celebrate my most favorite month of all. October. Keep your eyes peeled!
I'll cup them like a glass to drink from
August 10, 2001
I have added a Fanart section as well as a few new links. Yay.
Why hold down one to raise another?
July 23, 2001
Now accepting fan art/fan fiction. Got a new award! Got a cold. ;_; and a so cute it hurts to look at venus. More as it develops.
why can't it be perfect...
July 13, 2001
   Yay! Friday the 13th! And you have some nifty updates. Some of you may have noticed that there's a new manga gallery up. Well, yes. There is. Warning, not all the links work at this time, but give me another few nights and it should be all pretty. ^^ Other things, the postcard was shot down because, well... You try having a postcard gallery with broken pictures. -_-; Other stuff, I went through and saw how horrible LoV looks in Netscape. Trust me, if you possibly can without dying, please switch to IE for this loverly site. If you don't, you might want to find some sunglasses or something.
   As soon as the galleries are added, LoV's update frenzy will be slowing down quite a bit... You're still free to email and comment [please do!] but I do have another site or two to attend to and they need me a little more than LoV does at the moment. So, please support Look Out Venus and enjoy the stay. ^^
well, it's love and darkness
July 4, 2001
Yay! Another update. Yes, you knew it was coming... The very tiny, very small birthday celebration. This year isn't quite as big as last year, although it's not because I'm not proud to be here. It's just because I had less time to do all this fun stuff in. ^^;; Anyway, the link is here and if you want to skip straight to the new links, please direct yourself this way. Be wary though, this birthday celebration will end at the end of the month. I will deleate all the stuffs as I see fit, which means any big files are gone. I'll obviously be keeping the cute new links. ^^ Oh yes, the new galleries should be up by the end of the week. There will be a new image policy there, however, so don't get too excited. *kidding, sort of*
and still the hardest part for you...
July 2/3, 2001
Happy Birthday, Anne-Marie... wherever you are. Anyway, I joined a clique and was accepted. I've been tweaking around the site [you may have noticed as I was doing it], I won an award [!!!], and I'm checking the links pages. The galleries are coming along very slowly, however you might find a new gallery or two by week's end.
I gave up on you...
July 1, 2001
In order to make room for the *new* manga galleries that are going to include so many images you'll spend a friggin' weekend trying to steal them all [btw, do not steal, okay? it looks bad on you when I'm beating you over the head with a wookie] I'm going to be tweaking around, moving images, files, etc. So if you come across an ugly broken image or an icky dead link, hit your back button, reload, and see if it's fixed. If it is, well, congrats. We're online at the same time.
Also, in the coming week, the birthday section will be up. For this unaware [muhahah...] my birthday is July 10th. ^_____^

When you say it's gonna happen now, when exactly do you mean?
June 26, 2001
I'm baaaaaaaaack. Did you miss me? Too bad, I'm back anyway. ^^;; Anyway, as you can tell, the updates have been cleared out. Gasp! What happened, you ask? I got bored with the look and cleaned house. Also, you might have noticed that bootiful look for the main page is gone... Sure, right now the site looks all splotchy, not flowy like it's looked, but I'm getting there. Plus, Lov and I are going to celebrate our birthdays together this year. Two years on the web for Lov and twenty years on earth for me! *preens*
So, if you have any suggestions or hate the look, let me know. If you love it, well, I'd love to hear that too. ^___^ I will be working on some new stuff, so the following month should be ever changing! Check back in, okay? *mwah!*

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